Guslinger is our team's entry for the LCD Game Jam 2018. It was inspired by the old LCD games and Game & Watch consoles. Made in Unity.

Source Code: Gunslinger/LCD-Game on GitHub

Gameplay -

Dodge bullets and shoot baddies to gain points.

Controls -


  • A/D: Move left/right;
  • E: Shoot;
  • R: Reload;
  • =: Reset.


  • Mouse: Change game console view;
  • Mouse Wheel: Zoom-In/Out.

XBox 360 Controller:

  • X: Shoot;
  • A: Reload;
  • Start: Reset.

About us -

We are a brazilian indie game dev group composed by:

  • Cipop: Game Producer and Handyman;
  • Javaloso: Game Artist.
  • Locke: Game Designer and Lead Programmer.

Any feedback is welcome, we hope you try and enjoy our game :D


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Nice :D

OH BOI, Retro feels